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Vendor Application 2011
Kiwanis Medieval Faire

January 15th and 16th, 22nd and 23rd, 2011.
This is a two-weekend event. Info Contact 239-839-8036

Make check payable to Kiwanis Club of Riverdale and send to:
P.O. BOX 50376, Fort Myers Florida 33905-50376


Name: ___________________________________________________

Company/DBA ___________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

City ______________________ State ______ Phone ______________


Describe Your Product(s) Products limited to single discipline or associated discipline with permission.




Have you vended at the Kiwanis/Medieval Faire previous to this? ________________


If so under what name? ________________________________________________


Site fees are as follows: 12í X 12í space (that is size for 10í X 10í tent with stakes) $195.00 total for both weekends. If your tent/pavilion is larger than that multiply the number of spaces it takes and pay for that number. Any questions contact Terry Short (239 839 8036). This is area approximately twelve feet on a side.Vendors are not pressed against each other so there is ample room for walk around.All vendor spaces are located around the Joust field.I try to not have more than three people within any discipline of art or craft but it is sometimes difficult to define overlaps, I will do my best to protect your individuality. Single discipline rule is in force for booths, but please be reasonable, I do not want problems with arguments any longer. If you wish to sell associated item to compliment you wares talk to me. Do not bring a department store variety.


The Rules for Vending at the Riverdale Kiwanis Medieval Faire.

1.      All vendors must be in costume (garb) during faire operation hours. 9:00 AM to 6:00PM. Booth will be open for business at 9:00 AM; you may remain open till all patrons leave.

2.      All Vendors Must attend both Weekends of event. Failure to do so will ban you permanently from participation in this event.

3.      Vendors must make some attempt at decorating Pavilions, please do not show up with just white pop ups etc. I am not enforcing a strictly period pavilion rule, but I expect everyone to make an effort to be period appearance. If you need guidance call!!

4.      NO generators or vehicles are permitted on Faire grounds during operating hours of the faire. (no discussion).

5.      This rule is in effect since there is beer tent; if you want to go have beer that is fine, put it in a mug or such, do not have it in beer cup, do not take back to your vending booth and have people see you drinking there. Last year we received complaints that vendors smelled like beer, and in some cases were intoxicated, this is not a beer bash, if you wish to have a cold beer during the day that is Ok, but use common sense.Use your head. Beer tent will close Ĺ hour before the close of the Faire each day.This is county rule.


7.      There is camp site that permits dogs about four miles from the faire site. Our camping is free but its on county property we have to follow their rules.

8.      Vendors will be permitted on-site as of dawn Wednesday and must be off site completely at 6PM on Monday Jan 24th.THERE WILL BE NO LAYOVERS till Tuesday or Wednesday as we had last year.It is suggested that you arrive Early Wednesday or Thursday before the first weekend, this makes setting up much easier.If you choose to break down your tent during the week, you will be responsible for setting up your tent in the same space the second weekend. Vendors are permitted to keep their tents and pavilions up during the week. Please remove or secure any items left in the tents during the week. We have heavy on-site security during the weekend but not on the five days between shows, security then is much less.You know where you are supposed to be and please donít crowd others around you.

9.      Vendors camping in the camping area are responsible for keeping the area clean and must clean up before leaving. That is the camping area must be cleaned up, not necessarily the vendors themselves.

10.  There will be showers and bath rooms, there is no electricity in camping area unless you have generator or make arrangements with the people renting power from the generator. Their price is $100.00 for the run of the show. Contact me prior to the show if you wish to take advantage of the electric rental, you must be assigned a space that has electric available. If you are not in assigned electric space you will not be able to get power.The power on the site at the large STAFF PAVILION is reserved for charging batteries, golf carts, security system etc for the staff. All RVs and campers paying for electric will be assigned parking spaces, Non electric users camping can park where ever they wish in the open camping area. vehicles will be in the parking lot on the last row only as will trailer storage. The camping area has changed locations so please check in before setting up a tent etc. Anyone unhappy with these arrangements can find accommodations elsewhere at your expense, We have free camping so please follow the rules to keep it available.

11.  All sales of Weapons must be wrapped in paper when given to customer. Wearing of weapons is permitted but they must be peace tied. No weapons sales to minors. THIS IS ABSOLUTE RULE, you break it youíre out instantly.

12.  NO sale of imported or manufactured items such as, swords, axes, etc, without express permission of the Chairman of the Faire, if you put them out I will ask you to remove them, second time you will be ejected. This is a Medieval Faire for persons who make their products not a renn faire for junk imported from the Asian markets. I am trying to provide a Market place for you to sell nice art or crafted work. Our Vendors have experienced good sales due to these rules. Please adhere to them. The imported stuff merely detracts from this atmosphere. Exceptions to this rule are per Chairman's decision, there are very few exceptions.

13.  I have been lax in the enforcement of rules concerning what vendors are selling.I understood we were all adults but I have to add this rule: Vendors are limited to the discipline that they say they are vending.That is, if you sell clothing, you sell clothing, you DO NOT SELL swords, figurines, boots, purses or anything else. IF you are confused by this rule speak to me and I will explain it further. THERE WILL BE NO DEPARTMENT STORE VENDORS OR GRAB BAG VENDORS WHO SELL EVERYTHING THEY CAN FIND.If you want to sell swords and boots or swords and clothing rent more booth spaces, there will be NO mixed sales anymore. You sell what you list on this application and nothing else.Any discussion on this will be made before the faire, if you wish to sell more than one thing list it here and we will discuss it.We will come around first thing Saturday morning to check, anything that is not in your agreed sales list will be removed from sales area. Anyone having problem with this is free to pack up and leave with no refund of fees.

14.  All vendors are responsible for their own sales taxes, selling in Lee County, Florida, you are supposed to collect 6% sales tax and give it to the Florida Dept. of Revenue. This is your responsibility.

15.  Vendors not pre-approved (first time vendor, or vendor not invited personally by Faire staff) must send pictures of their product to the Faire Chairman for approval at time of application to vend. If there is any problem with your items I will call you. IF it cannot be resolved your check will be returned within five days of phone call. Passes, tickets etc will be given to you upon arrival at the Faire.

16.  Each vending space includes two individual passes and one Vehicle pass. If you have two spaces you will receive four passes and two vehicle passes. If you need more than this the prices are as follows. Individual Pass $5.00 per person, Vehicle Pass, $10.00 per vehicle for both weekends. Please note and be ready to make this payment when you arrive.Passes will be in vendor pack when you arrive on site. Please use them! Persons or Vehicles without pass WILL NOT be permitted on site and vehicles will be towed.

17.  Notification of your acceptance to vend is the clearing of your check at your bank. We do not send out acceptance letter, if you are not accepted you will receive your payment in return mail. Vendor package will be given out when you arrive on site.

18.  The Entrance gate will be manned until 12 AM Friday night, after that you will have to park at gate and walk in to find security person to let you in.There will be no set up after 9AM Saturday.†† Sunday night the gate will be open for those eating off site etc until 12 AM, after that if you wish to get back on site you will have to park at the gate and find security to let you in.Note that admittance to the site after 6 PM is for persons camping in the camping area.There is no one permitted in the vending area between 6 PM and 7 AM any day of the faire except Sunday night until 9PM for packing and leaving.

You may stay the last Sunday night and pack and leave or pack and leave Monday morning, there will be security on site Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.The vending area is patrolled and anyone found there during the prohibited hours will be dealing with the police. If you must go to your tent contact security and they will accompany you.


19.  All vehicles will be out of the vending area at 8:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday in preparation for the Faire opening. NO vehicles can be parked on the faire grounds; they must be in designated parking areas.The is a parking lot designated for vendor parking within a short distance of the vending area, where you may park trailers, cars, trucks etc during the Faire. Motor homes are permitted in the camping area parking lot only.

20.  Camping is permitted on the Faire grounds at no charge Wednesday Jan. 12th, through Sunday Jan 23rd.There are showers and bathrooms for your use.As stated above there is NO electricity available on site! Special needs can be arranged by rule of Chair; unauthorized use of power will result in your removal from camping area. Please do not make me resort to this.

21.  Lastly people in camping area are expected to clean up after themselves, keep bathrooms clean and showers clean, pick up your trash and garbage in bathroom, showers and camp area. WE are not your mother and we donít clean up after you. If they are not kept clean they will be unavailable for use after first weekend. You can sponge bathe and use porta potties !

22.  ††All vendors must supply a 5 lb. charged anddate tagged commercial use A B C fire extinguisher.Without the extinguisher, which will be checked by the local fire marshal, you will not be able to set up to vend.THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!This is a Lee County Fire rule. Please abide by it.


I have read and understand the 2011 Medieval-Faire Vendor Rules and will abide by them.



Signed _______________________††† Date____________

Vendor Application 2011
Riverdale Kiwanis Medieval Faire

January 15th and 16th, 22nd and 23rd, 2011.
This is a two-weekend event. Info Contact 239-839-8036

Make check payable to Kiwanis Club of Riverdale and send to:
P.O. BOX 50376, Fort Myers Florida 33905-50376


Name: _________________________________________________


Company/DBA ___________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________


City ______________________ State ______ Phone ______________


AMOUNT ENCLOSED ______________________


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